Health Transformation Boot-camp

Week 1 Content
Program Introduction
Start moving through the below modules and incorporate each action step as soon as possible.  Be gentle with yourself and at the same time committed and firm with the changes you are introducing.  As you get regular and make these things habits you will be ready to layer on next week's changes.  This is the stuff that will get you started on fast improvements in your well-being and health!
We will start our weekly live Q&A webinars on Wednesday, April 29th.
Module 1
Do one of the guided meditation practices every day (on top of the daily 10 minute life visualization practice).  This stuff is powerful and WILL transform your life if you are consistent and do the work.
Awakening the infinite power of imaginat
00:00 / 26:03
Generating preferred states of being
00:00 / 29:34
Meeting your wounds with love and non-ju
00:00 / 23:44
Cultivating deep states of
00:00 / 27:54
Releasing blocks and sublte addictions
00:00 / 32:58
Module 2
Between the 10-minute visualization, 20-minute meditation, and 30 minutes of physical exercise I am asking you to commit to, you are setting an phenomenal foundation for creating the best health you can imagine; and it's only 1 hour per day!  You are so worth it, so don't let anything get in your way :)

I have one more thing for you this week:

Make sure to keep track of your progress.  You can do this through journaling, coming up with your own tracking sheet, using a large desktop calendar, or you can use the form I created below.  The people who track their progress by far are the ones who have the most success.