Health Transformation Boot-camp

Week 2 Content
Module 1 - Stress and Digestion
Do the 10 minute free-writing exercise to get really clear on the major block that has held you up in life.  Follow with the below guided meditation and then review your ideal life scenario that you have been working on over the past week.
Heightening Your Energetic Frequency
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Module 2 - Preparing for Detox
FullScript is where you can buy professional grade supplements at 10% off the retail price.  I highly recommend the Designs for Health  LV-GB Complex for working on our detox next week.  I also highly recommend the DaVinci Labs Spectra Greens if you want to super charge your detox and add in some immune support (it tastes amazing too!)  If you spend at least $50 you can choose an option for free shipping and save yourself $5.
Below is my shopping guide handout.  Print this out and bring it to the store or download the pdf to your phone to make your life easy.  You can use this to guide you on what foods to include and focus on as well as which to avoid.

If you haven't started doing so...

Make sure to keep track of your progress.  You can do this through journaling, coming up with your own tracking sheet, using a large calendar, or you can use the form I created below.  The people who track their progress by far are the ones who have the most success.