Health Transformation Boot-camp

Week 4 Content
Now that you are done with the 7 day detox (unless you decided to stretch it to 14 or 21 days) you can start adding in more cooked foods.  Continue to focus on the foods from last week and make sure that as you add in things like meats or eggs that you choose pasture raised.  Continue to use the grocery shopping guide to make informed decisions.  Continue to eat a whole foods, plant based diet.  Below I have included a few more recipes for ideas as you expand your horizons and consume new and different healthy foods:
Module 1 - Intermittent Fasting
Don't forget to continue with the 10 minute review of your ideal life and health, the 20-30 minutes of meditation, and at least 30 minutes of a physical activity that gets you sweaty... EVERY DAY :)
In module 2 below I will discuss more specifics about the exercise you need to be doing regularly to maximize your health and potential.
Module 2 - Exercising for Health

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