Lyme Prevention & First Aid Course

Dr. Schull invites you to his new course that will discuss the epidemic of Lyme disease along with strategies to avoid contracting Lyme or co-infections and what to do in the event of a bite from carriers of the disease (it's not just ticks).
Lyme disease is one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in North America.  The latest statistics show clinical reports of over 300,000 infections a year (CDC data), a number suspected to be 1/10th of the total number of cases due to poor recognition, testing, and reporting of the disease.  Some studies have suggested infection rates could be as high as 12,000,000 cases per year.  The problem is only expected to get worse as global warming progresses and warm and humid climates expand.
Dr. Schull is a Connecticut native, well versed in the treatment and management of Lyme disease.  He is an avid outdoors enthusiast who, after contracting Lyme disease, made it a point to become an expert on the topic.  He follows some of the leading physicians in the world for treating Lyme and Co-infections (Klinghardt, Cowden, Cameron to name a few) and integrates his own clinical expertise to provide patients with high quality prevention and treatment strategies.  (His path to cure was quick as he was able to build on the shoulders of so many great Lyme doctors ahead of him).
In this mini-course, learn:
  • Areas where Lyme is endemic (it's not just the northeast)
  • Other insects and arachnids that carry Lyme
  • The best repellents for insect bites
  • Other ways people acquire Lyme and co-infections
  • How to properly remove a tick
  • How to test if you acquired the disease
  • First aid for avoiding progression to chronic, life altering infections
Treatment of persistent Lyme or co-infections is a complex and challenging topic that will not be covered in this course.  Patients with chronic infectious disease need a very different, individualized approach and should work closely with the supervision of a trained doctor.

Actual size of most dangerous ticks

Erythema Migrans rash only appears in about 25% of Lyme infections!

You're invited to join the class and learn what you need to protect yourself and your family.


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