Overweight and frustrated? 

Weight gain and weight loss are complicated!  Just look at the many aspects that play a role in the diagram below.  I describe this further in the video below where you will learn about the complex mechanisms that derail your metabolism and how to get things back on track.

  • It is time to get yourself feeling good again!

  • Learn how to lose weight in a healthy way (no fads here)

  • Make your weight loss permanent (no more yo-yo'ing)

  • Enhance your mood and recapture your zest for life

  • Eliminate inflammation and pain

  • Learn the tools to make yourself well starting today

  • Find solutions for chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, and more

  • Discover the healthy mind and body you have been wanting

Dr. Schull invites you to join his revolutionary weight loss masterclass
The Metabolic Transformation Program

No strict diet for life - The program consists of some significant dietary restrictions in the beginning, but ultimately heals your gut so that you may enjoy most foods, within moderation, after the program.


A permanent weight solution with NO calorie counting or portion controls and NO long hours in the gym!

Bonus: Learn how to eliminate symptoms of autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other difficult to treat health conditions!

Here is what others in the program are saying:

“I started this program with the intent to lose a few pounds over the two month period. My goal far outweighs my actual results. I've lost 33 pounds!  I think the number one thing I’ve enjoyed from this program is learning how to cook again. It’s forced me to be creative with the ingredients I’m allowed to work with and I’ve found it to be enjoyable.  I noticed that when I cut sugar out of my diet my cravings went away after about a week and a half. It’s a relief to notcrave foods that aren’t good for my digestion or my mood and well-being.  Everything I’ve changed about myself during the program was for the better and will be a part of my lifestyle for good.  I’m well into my fourth month since I started and I haven’t regained any weight. I had such a good response from this program I will consider repeating it on an annual basis.”

~ Christopher, Massachusetts, April 2020

“After Dr. Schull’s Metabolic Transformation Program I feel AMAZING! I would suggest everyone to do it whether you need to lose weight or not.  The biggest changes I wanted to see was healthy skin, weight loss, and the discovery of my allergens. Well I got all the answers and figured out so much more.  I am feeling more energetic, I wake up rested after a good night sleep, my mind feels clear, and my skin looks great!

The first week is the hardest but the whole program flew by. The positive results just kept coming which motivated me to stay on track even after the program was over. I lost 15lbs and still going. Had surgery in week 6 of program so supplements were put on halt for a bit. Started losing weight again when I was back on track. I didn’t work out, just occasional walks, and I stand during the day teaching. This program helps you lose weight without the exercise, and if you can add that in, your results will be even greater.

I learned many ways to cook new foods and actually enjoy cooking. (Was not something I enjoyed prior to this program.) I was worried about my sweet tooth and junk food cravings but we found healthy ways to replace those foods. Fat bombs are the way to go for that chocolate cravings. However, I lost most cravings by end of week two and it became easier. In month two I discovered my allergens: Gluten, Dairy, Soy, maybe eggs (retesting). In my lifestyle I am avoiding processed meat- we love using Walden Local now. Tea has become part of our regular routine over coffee. Coffee is a treat. At the grocery store I walk by the foods I know I shouldn’t be eating.

This is what I needed to get my healthy lifestyle on track and understand what my body needs. I could say so much more but if you are hesitant on starting, just go for it! The positive results outweigh any negative reason why you haven’t started yet.”

~ Alanna, Massachusetts, April 2020

Thank you Dr. Schull.... this program is by far the best there is out there. I don’t think a lot of people know about it. I came across it because I was deliberately looking for a more natural route to weight loss. I’ve tried pretty much every diet there is out there...... from appetite suppressant to only liquid diets you name it I’ve tried it. I hated all the counting of calories and the fact that I had to buy “their” package foods!! It’s only been about 8 days and my energy level has already improved. I’m feeling less anxious about things that would trigger my anxiety, I’m sleeping much better. Best part is I’m never starving and the weight is already going down!!!! Thank you so much for all the years of research and study!! More people need to know about this. I pledge to spread the word!!!

~Charaine, Connecticut, October 2019

I can’t recommend Dr. Schull’s metabolic reset enough. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I’ve never felt normal, I’ve either been sickly thin from starving myself or obese from lack of control. This program was pretty much my last chance. The materials were easy to understand and follow. Within a few days I had the hang of the supplement schedule and what was working for me food wise. Ive always had foot and ankle pain upon waking. I normally limped around for 10 mins before it loosened up. It was a week or 2 in when I realized that was completely gone. I have never lost weight and kept it off as easily as I have this time. I’ve lost 30 lbs in less then 4 months some what effortlessly, and I have noticed that I have total self control with food. The things I used to binge on I can now simply enjoy a few bites and walk away no problem. I’m still a little ways from my ultimate goal but I now feel “normal” and for someone that has never felt that I can’t describe the feeling. I am so thankful I found Dr. Schull and this unbelievable program.

~ Beth, Connecticut, July 2019

Dr. Schull has developed a wonderful two month Metabolic Reset Program, which was not only very educational, but improved my digestion and has had lasting effects on the foods I now eat. My digestion has never been better.

~ Deborah, Connecticut, December 2019

Are you thinking this might be right for you?

Here's the breakdown of what you get and what to expect when you purchase the program:

The program will take 2 months to complete.  That's 2 months to a much happier, healthier, slimmer you!


Dr. Schull has recorded a series of lectures for easy, self-paced learning, spanning over 10 hours of content! $500 value


Here is what you will learn throughout the program:

  • Why the microbiome and gut health has such a large impact on your total health.

  • Lifestyle factors that damage the gut and microbiome.

  • What tests and labs you need to get to personalize your health journey. 

  • Diet strategies to eliminate problematic microbes and transform your health.

  • Leaky gut, inflammation, stress, and how to mitigate their effects for health transformation.

  • The environmental toxins that derail our health and the importance of detoxification for healing.

  • What supplements you need to reset the microbiome, assist weight loss, detox, repair the gut, fix your brain health, balance your hormones, and eliminate your reliance on medications.

  • Feeding the Microbiome to promote health.

  • Restoring your metabolism for maximum weight loss.

  • Sustainable exercising for weight loss and overall health.

  • The low down on different weight loss strategies, what works/what is hype.

  • How to adopt a healthy lifestyle after the program.

  • How to eliminate subconscious blocks to your success.

  • Motivational strategies to keep a healthy lifestyle going.

The program also includes charts, guides, shopping lists, recipe samples, and tools to make the plan straight forward and easy to follow. $50 value


Access to Dr. Schull for any questions regarding the program via email.


Dr. Schull's review of your recent lab work and 30min phone consult to assess if you need any further support during the protocol (only available in the all-inclusive option). $200 value

Life time access to the material, this includes all updated lectures and handouts as the program evolves over the years!


The support of a group undergoing the same transformation as yourself via access to the Facebook private group page.

Plus you get this bonus:
10% off all supplements purchased through Dr. Schull's medicinary, for life!

If you are ready to make an incredible investment in your health,
I invite you to join below, you will love what you learn!
Invest today at the lowest price this class will ever be offered.
Note, there are additional costs for the supplements recommended in the program. 
For convenience all supplements are available for purchase at a discount through Dr. Schull's online medicinary:  FullScript
There is a button on the member page when you login. 
The recommended supplements will be discussed in the classes.  The bass protocol supplements cost approximately $436 MSRP. ($393 after 10% discount!)
This can be split up into two different purchases if you would like to spread out the cost over the 2 months.
Still not sure?  I get it!  It can be scary to invest in new things.  But let me ask you, how much is your health worth?  How long have you already put off your own self-care?  How important is it to you to get through this time in a way that you come out the other side a better, healthier, more confident version of yourself?  Enough said, right?

Copyright 2020 DR. DERRICK SCHULL, ND

In accordance with FTC guidelines, we can not guarantee a specific outcome or result from this program.  The clients who get the best results are accountable, committed, and work hard on the healing process.  This is NOT a magic bullet.  You will need to follow the suggestions and dedicate ample time to the weekly modules in order to experience significant change.  Dr. Schull will not be held responsible for the inappropriate implementation of his health suggestions.  Please note that this program is NOT designed to treat any specific medical issue.  Be sure to consult with your medical doctor if you are in need of help for specific health concerns.