2020, A Year of Crisis, Healing, and Mass Evolution

Oh wow, it has been just over a year since I have written anything on this blog. For so many this past year has led to some massive changes. I have seen in collectively as a nation as well as individually for so many people in my life. I have been undergoing my own massive changes and evolution as well. When covid-19 hit the US my clinical practice suffered. But really, it was a blessing in disguise. It offered the opportunity to re-evaluate my life and how I want to be of service in the world. What I knew for all too long, but was not brave enough to act on, was that I no longer wanted to work in clinical medicine.

The first thing people always ask is, "What? Why not?"

Well, it's complicated. For me it was a combination of the following:

  • Frustration with the insurance system and under reimbursement for my services.

  • As I helped people heal they would see me less and I constantly had to be a marketer trying to find new patients (I hat I really despise wearing).

  • Most people were looking for an easy fix or a natural miracle cure that just does not exist, very rarely was someone willing to do the work needed for deep healing, which left me very frustrated.

  • I still had a lot of healing to do for myself and always knew there was a deeper side to the healing process. Something that goes beyond testing, diagnosis, and prescribing biochemical substances.

  • I felt a major conflict of interest about selling supplements as part of my income stream (I am going to write an entire new blog after this where I will be connecting you to a source for the highest quality supplements at 35% off so everyone can afford supplements and there is no longer a conflict of interest).

  • Because of market pressures I was no longer practicing true nature cure, the thing that always kept me passionate about natural medicine and seems to have largely been lost in the profession.

  • I am highly empathic and had a difficult time not taking on other people's stresses and emotions. A day in the clinic would leave me absolutely drained.

  • I have a nomadic spirit and no longer wanted to continue to reside and work in the area of CT I was in (there have been a lot of travels since!)

I could go on, but I think you've got the picture. Clinical medicine was not a good fit for me and so I have spent the last year figuring out how I can offer my gifts differently. Part of my transformation in this past year has been the pursuit of one of my long-time passions: shamanism. I found an excellent teacher and have been growing my skills ever since. Today I am an effective shamanic healer, medical intuitive, and ReiKi practitioner. What's cool is I am able to integrate my vast medical and alternative therapeutic knowledge to offer others a truly unique insight to their healing journey. More on that in a minute...

In the past year I also tried creating some really awesome programs that would guide people through the healing process. They're pretty amazing, but the world of online marketing has proven to be daunting and ineffective for me. As a result, I have started giving away my programs for donation. It is my hope that people will no longer have a price barrier to entry and they will become accessible to anyone who wants to undergo a profound healing experience. (You can click on my microbiome reset program in the menu above and start it today if you'd like.) Gifting my programs like this feels so much more resonant and good to me. It makes me smile that someone can go through them, come out the other side feeling better than they ever have, and at no point do I have to put a price tag on what their transformation means to them.

In fact, I love being able to offer my services to others without money ever having to be an issue. I want whoever is interested in working with me to get the chance to do so, and based on their own experience, success, and gratitude, be able to offer me a gift in return. This concept of a gift economy is an idea worth spreading (it's actually how the world used to work prior to our modern economies. The idea was popularized most recently by Charles Eisenstein if you'd like to read up more on it. Can you imagine a community where exchange of goods and services is done solely to help others and having faith that the community will support you in return? I am having faith in all of you out there by announcing that I will now be offering all of my services and programs solely through this gift style economy.

How does that sound to you? Intrigued? Would you like some guidance in your own life transformation? If you'd like to talk to me more about it or setup an appointment, go ahead and e-mail me at

Please spread the word and forward this announcement to anyone you know who is looking for a natural or alternative path to healing (even if it's only 1 or 2 people).

I guess that's it, that's what's new with me. So let me leave you with this:

Thank you so much in advance! I am full of gratitude for the time you have taken to read my update and for the ways in which we will spread health and well-being together.

Be healthy, be well, have fun, be you.

Much love,