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CORONAVIRUS Q&A Navigating the Misinformation and Protecting Your Family Webinar

Interview with:

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD on Covid-19 (March 26, 2020)

As many of you may know, I am a long time follower of Dietrich Klinghardt. I utilize his autonomic response testing methods in my clinical practice. He is often ahead of the curve when it comes to dealing with infectious diseases. He has been working directly with Covid-19 and has delivered some insights from the front lines. I have watched his 1 hour Q&A webinar and wanted to help spread the information he is releasing. I believe this will help alleviate some fears and provide some tools we can all have on hand for getting through a corona infection without complications. Below is the link if you would prefer to watch the video, for those who want the cliff notes, keep reading. I have included my own conclusions and thoughts in italics when appropriate.

Link to the video recording

For prevention know that the virus:

· Can last on hard surfaces up to 72 hours

· Can last on clothes up to 24 hours (give it 2 days before wearing any clothes again)

Clues to having Covid-19 and illness severity:

Symptoms often start with acute abdominal problems, a brand new set of abdominal symptoms (not some old gut illness). If you progress from this gut illness to a fever, and then a cough, it is the more serious version. If goes from stomach illness to the cough it is a less severe form. If goes to fever and body aches you have the mildest form.

Important pathophysiology to understand:

The virus binds to angiotensin-2 receptors in the lungs (after 5 days of infection). So people cannot be on ACE inhibiting drugs as these block the production of angiotensin-2, and without any substrate to bind the body creates a massive amount of angiotensin-2 receptor, which leads to more receptors for the virus to bind to. Can alter blood pressure and create cardiovascular complications. The drug becomes a death sentence.

Angiotensin receptor blockers are a different class of drug that can be helpful for switching over to.

Selenium is an ACE inhibitor and should not be used during illness. It is good for DNA based viruses but not for RNA like Covid-19.

Avoid any supplements with selenium (even 200mcg is too much) if you have symptoms (it will make the illness worse!), but it is OK to use prophylacticly as it can help prevent other viruses.

Brazil nuts can be very high selenium so avoid these if you get sick.

Need to eat high potassium (K) foods and vegetable juices if you get the virus as it causes K depletion. (Bananas are much lower than you think, do not bother with these as a high K food, avocados are much higher.)

Although avocados are high in potassium, unless they are local and in season I avoid them, as avocados from Mexico and Chile are devastating those regions.

Possible therapeutic agents (all have shown success clinically):

Bee propolis has been used in the past for SARS and so he has been trying it for this corona virus and is finding it to be very effective clinically:

  • Bee propolis vapor inhalation has been used in clinical cases to resolve COVID-19 in as little as 3 days.

  • Use in both drops as a gargle and in vaporizer form for best effect.



Artemisia annua

Chinese skullcap

CBD is great at preventing cytokine storm. Incredible immune regulation against past corona virus makes it look very promising. Try to find a product with a small amount of THC in it as it is more effective and THC is great anxiolytic. He ultimately believes it will end up being a miracle drug when it comes to preventing and treating this illness.

Liver flushes are an important part of managing the illness so you can quickly detoxify the inflammatory compounds developed in the reaction to the virus.

Vitamin C (IV at 4-7.5g) prevents cytokine storm in clinical experience (100 pt study in China). At first sign of illness give 7.5g/day for 3 days.

  • Look for liposomal vitamin C in lieu of doing IV.

Melatonin is also able to prevent cytokine storm. Can use doses up to 150mg without issue.

Homeopathy insights:

Indian literature showed to use Ars-a 30C for 3-5 days once a month to raise the part of immune system that responds to viruses. Homeopathic Camphor has shown to be useful for lung complications during illness. Ipecach is another one he used successfully in one case of very thick mucous in the lungs.

Dr. Schulls note: To date I have concluded it is best to keep homeopathic Arsenicum album 30C, Camphor 30C, and Gelsemium 30C all on hand. Gelsemium should be on hand because we are also dealing with the flu circulating and some cases of covid have looked like homeopathic gelsemium clinically.

There are over 40 mutations of the virus. If you get the virus you should develop immunity to all of the mutations. The vaccine that will be released will only protect for 1 specific strain, not the other mutations. Klinghardt decided to purposely get the virus and protect himself with herbs to obtain lifelong immunity to all strains. There is now reliable testing to demonstrate immunity to the infection: as of a week ago an IgG and IgM test is out. This is not to belittle the seriousness of the virus, but speaks more to the confidence in the herbal therapies he used to more safely take on the virus.

Conventional medication treatments:

Hydroxychloroquine and azythromycin study a week ago came out showing great effects against Covid-19 (within 6 days completely cleared 20 pts). But these drugs are not available in the countries that are awaiting the vaccine, but they can be found in countries like India.

Dr. Schull's note: If you want to discuss possible therapies with your doctor you can bring up what you have heard other MD's are using with success. These drugs are just started to be approved in the US for treating covid. See if your doc thinks they are appropriate for you and if they can get you access to the above mentioned drugs. If not, consider the herbs mentioned in this article.

That sums it up. I hope my notes on the video are a useful reference for all those asking questions about covid-19 and this time of uncertainty. If you would like to talk to me more about dealing with fears, anxiety, depression, lack of focus, and other issues that have been plaguing others right now, do not hesitate to reach out. I am couching others across the country on these very issues. E-mail me at

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